Perfect Uninstaller ช่วยถอนการติดตั้งอย่างหมดจด

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Perfect Uninstaller ช่วยถอนการติดตั้งอย่างหมดจด Empty Perfect Uninstaller ช่วยถอนการติดตั้งอย่างหมดจด

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Perfect Uninstaller ช่วยถอนการติดตั้งอย่างหมดจด

Perfect Uninstaller ช่วยถอนการติดตั้งอย่างหมดจด NKfN

Perfect Uninstaller - a great program for complete removal of unwanted programs that can not be removed using Add / Remove programs and install Windows. With this program you can uninstall any unwanted applications in your system easier and faster. The standard Add / Remove Program can not often completely uninstall all applications and broken registry keys, unlike this tool, the program will not only allow you to remove applications, but also clean up your PC from corrupted entries in the registry, improve performance and speed of your system. In addition, by using this application you can find detailed information about what files and registry entries affected by the installation of a program. The program interface is simple and easy to use.

The main features of Perfect Uninstaller:
Faster than the standard utility to remove the software built into Windows.
Remove programs that could not be removed using Add / Remove and install.
Completely clean the empty / corrupted registry keys.
Protect your registry from empty / corrupted errors and improve PC performance.
Forcibly remove hidden application installed on your computer.
Fast point to the installation folder.
Display details of a specific program for making a decision about the removal or abandonment of the program on your computer.
Easy to use and friendly interface.
Display of detailed information currently installed applications.

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